sewing mojo

...or the lack thereof, is what has been troubling me for some time.
Luckily, our great Stitch Tease Bee is keeping me sewing (I even have the idea for my month practically worked out). But other than that, it's been a bit of a struggle.
So my next quilt (after I make the scrappy one I'm still trying to choose the best design for) is going to be this:
 or possibly this:


before the year is over

There is still a few hours of 2015 left (well, about 15, if you live in my time zone), so I'd better show you my last quilt of this year.
I'm hoping to write a bit more about the process, as again I started with a very different idea for this quilt, but lets leave it for another time. For now, let me present... orange pickle:

pieced with my most treasured fabrics,

backed with my favourite Ikea print and with the obligatory pieced strip ;)

and if you look very, very closely you can even see that it's hand quilted.

So, hopefully, see you here some time next year for all the fun facts about the quilt (e.g. the top is pieced with 432 petal shapes and 864 "half-frame" shapes ;)) and in the meantime:

Happy New Year!


summer quilt

Finished at the beginning of summer, gifted at the end of summer, the summer quilt is finally with its intended recipient and I've even been able to hand it to him (well, maybe not so much hand as show, but he did grab a corner for a moment), so now I can show it to you, too.
Here's the front:

and the back full of dots:

and a bit of quilting in progress, because it was such a beautiful sunny day and it looked like I might have managed to mix summer and sun and joy into the quilt:

But the best shot, I think you'll agree, is the one I didn't take but received with permission to show you all: