2015 Finish Along - Q2

I realize that my blog has recently been more about "maybe" than about "a quilt", but hopefully this is going to change this quarter, as my plan is to work on:

1. sort-of-traditional - a quilt with two different kinds of simple blocks set on point:

The top is actually almost finished now, just top and bottom borders to add, but it still needs backing and then of course quilting.

2. it's mine - an orange peel quilt that will stay here with us and for which I'm using my most treasured fabrics:

The units are 3.5" to make the 4-unit blocks 6" (finished size), so I have lots and lots more to stitch, but they are fun to make.

3. 100years... cushion - I think by now we can safely say that I'm not patient enough to EPP a whole quilt, but I should be able to make a cushion cover:

That's more like it, don't you think?

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


lace knitting

Ever since I became aware of lace knitting I've wanted to try my hand at it.
Although I can stare for hours at triangular shawls like haruni, I thought it would be a bit more practical to make something that would still be lace but that could double as a more casual scarf, and the seascape stole pattern looked just the thing.

So here it is in its a bit wobbly lace glory:

But it can also be worn like this:

And yes, it also happens to be a finish from the list 2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

skirts are probably not my thing

... or more precisely, sewing skirts is probably not my thing. Still, this one has been on my Finish Along list for quite a long time and it's a relief to be finally able to tick it off.

  It does look rather funny but it's comfortable, so not a total disaster.


the third one

... as in the third finished project this year, although it is actually made of a few firsts:
- my first serious needleturn appliqué
- my first hand quilted cushion
- the first project from the list

I used the appliqué method from Sarah Fielke's craftsy lessons and I enjoyed it very much.
I tend to avoid special products if I can get away with what I have on hand, but for a bigger project I'd probably cave in and buy a more appropriate kind of glue than my, lets face it, a bit old uhu stick, so that I could stitch on the train without worrying about loosing some of the pieces.
Sarah has a lovely pattern to go with the lesson, but I wanted to try something of my own. Sticking the petals in the right places was a bit tricky I must admit, so I ended up adding one more little petal to bring the poppy back to shape, but I think it's not too bad for the first try.

I'm also quite proud of this little circle stitched totally freehand.

I wanted something red for the back, but not solid red, and I remembered I still had quite a bit of this fabric:

Hope my aunt likes it.