it's winter

No big surprise, I know, as it's supposed to be winter here.
How slow it's been in coming you can judge by these:

They were supposed to quietly wait for spring in their sheltered place on my balcony, but I discovered them busily growing instead. Luckily I made the discovery just before the frost came and moved them inside.

Apart from rescuing the mystery bulbs, I've been sewing a bit too.
There's been a Kindle sleeve, but for now you just have to believe me I made it as I forgot to take a photo.  Anyway, I made it mostly according to this recipe.
And here's something my sis has been waiting for:

Just the phone cozy, the very simple pillow case stays with us. (I still need to make another one for our second small pillow).
So, how is your winter? (or summer, depending on where you are)


  1. Pretty bloomin cold indoors, but outside the birds are going nuts, the bulbs are coming up... spring has sprung before winter even kicked in!

  2. Nice phone case! Winter has finally arrived here, it was balmy and now -30C. We are bundled up.

  3. Freezing! Heating is turned up in my house lol! Lovely cozy!

  4. it finally snowed here today! i was so happy! i hope you saved your bulbs just in time!

  5. Mild and wet, probably much the same as you. Looking forward to a bit of snow and some cold temperatures.