FAL 2013

I didn't manage to join Rhonda - the Quilter in the Gap in the Finish-A-Long 2012, but I'm hoping to amend it this year and participate in the 2013 one, this time with Leanne:

she can quilt

I don't have that many UFOs, but since I already have several new ideas, I need some help to focus on getting the already started ones finished.
So, here's my list:

1. The Soft Kitty quilt for my husband:

The quilt top is finished, I need to design and piece the back and decide how to quilt it (any ideas on the quilting are very welcome).

2. The wonky kites quilt:

The main part of the quilt top is ready, but it needs a border so that it's a proper bed size before I can start the backing.

3. This is a tricky one, I'm not sure if it qualifies to FAL:

These are my blocks from Leila's We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler. Originally they were to make one quilt, but I gradually realized that as much as I enjoyed making each block (and learning a lot in the process) I really couldn't see them together in one quilt. I think sampler quilts may not be my thing after all. So, instead I'm planning on making several baby quilts with just two or three blocks and lots of background (not necessarily solid). My goal for Q1 would be to finish one such a quilt to see if the idea makes sense.

We'll see how it goes. Can I count on you keeping your fingers crossed for me?


  1. You're going to have some great finishes! Cant wait to see Soft Kitty done :-)

  2. These are such beautiful projects! A baby quilt or 5 from those blocks would each qualify as the blocks are surely started and each beautiful. That is a good idea for them too. I am glad you have joined the FAL.

  3. I love the sampler block idea! It will be lovely.

  4. Your quilt is wonderful! I love piecing letters ; )

  5. Oh I love your sampler quilt and would love to see it as one big quilt - perhaps if you changed the layout so that it was five across and not four you might love it more?? Great that you are a first timer FALer, as I am too. Good luck!