night woodpecker - Forest QAL

My initial idea was to use the black for the tree and the cream for the background. Then Julianna commented with the hope that I'd be brave enough to make the background black and I realized that for it would still fit with my overall plan for the blocks and I couldn't disappoint her :)

So let me present to you the night woodpecker:

Some points might not exactly meet, and I'm not sure about the decision to use two colours for his leg instead of one, but I'm very happy with the rest of my fabric choices and quite proud of him.
Hope you'll like him too.


  1. Very impressed. He is splendid!

  2. I think it is an incredible block!

  3. Czarny to był idealny wybór! Bardzo podoba mi się cień - znakomity wybór tkaniny (inny kolor by nie pasował). Nogą się nie przejmuj - tak właśnie dzięcioł powinien wyglądać:)
    Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem Twojego dzięcioła!
    Sama muszę się niedługo odważyć na quilt z czarnym tłem:)

  4. This is just wonderful! I am not sure I can resist this one much longer. My son, when he was small, saw a woodpecker like this one and said, "Mommy, look at that pecking bird". Well, he, or his friends come back each year to the same tree and we have forever called him/them "that pecking bird". They look much like this one. I also love the nighttime background.

  5. He's wonderful. The black was a great choice!

  6. He's stunning - you have done an incredible job. I love the night woodpecker!

  7. Your piecing is just incredible, there's even a black shadow behind the bird.
    Sooo clever. x