Almost last minute...

...but yay, I'm going to the FQ Retreat and I can't wait to meet you all!

I'm not sure if you get a chance to see this post before the FQR, but just in case you do, here's something that could help you recognize me:

Ok, ok, I won't be wearing headphones (although I usually do while I sew and quilt - I love audiobooks), you will also notice that I don't have short hair but a plait.
And I'll be sporting the cutest badge ever. Thank you so very much Sarah xxx. 
Oh, and my name is Agnieszka, which might not be an easy name to pronounce, but quite easy to recognize, I think.

For a bit of background  - I started quilting less than 3 years ago (it was also then I learned how to use a sewing machine) and I still feel quite a newbie (maybe an advanced beginner by now). Of course that doesn't prevent me from making quilts and enjoying the process immensely.
If you feel like checking them out, they're here on the blog.

So, see you soon to those who are coming, and huge warm hugs to those who can't make it this year - I'm sure we will finally meet, too.

(And this is the small print where I tell you that I'm shy, but I've read that many others are too...)