raspberry honey

... probably doesn't exist apparently exists, but what I have in mind is the honey cowl in a colour I hope we can agree is somewhat like raspberries, although it's very difficult to show it in photos.

I thought I'd show it to you on a person (just me I'm afraid, not my sister-in-law who received it a few minutes later).

There is just one small thing not exactly right with this photo, but fortunately the wrong side of the cowl is quite presentable, too.

This is actually the second thing I managed to finish in January (and it's from the list too), but the first one is still waiting for a better photo. I might show you the third one in the meantime.


  1. Very pretty! Nice pictures too

  2. No to się zgrałyśmy w czasie z tymi kominami :)))) Z tą różnicą, że Ty zdolniacho potrafisz taki sama wykonać, ja do drutów mam zdecydowanie dwie lewe ręce :)
    Do twarzy Ci w tym kolorze - myślę, że z powodzeniem mogłabyś popełnić taki sam dla siebie! :)))