it's that time again...

...time to air a bit this dusty blog of mine, encourage the spiders to weave their webs somewhere else, vacuum the rug (uh, wait, that last one might be about my flat rather than the blog) and show you what I've been up to.

And the answer is not much, but still there are two finished quilts to share.

First, the bigger one.

I actually finished it some time in May, but I didn't want to show it here before the intended owner saw it. Now that he's taken it home, you can see it too:

and the back:

I quilted pebbles on the blue border and wavy lines on the blocks and although I'd been initially a bit hesitant about the effect of this kind of quilting in white thread on dark background, I have to say I like the end result.

And, what's always the most important for me, the recipient seems to like the quilt.

As for the second quilt, it's still waiting to be gifted, but I hope I'll be forgiven for posting this sneak peek:


  1. Wspaniały olbrzym :) Piękne pikowanie, no i chyba najbardziej podobają mi się te kontrastujące z całością kawałki z czerwono-niebieską kratką - Świetnie to wygląda :) Kolory drugiego quiltu wyglądają bardzo zachęcająco ;)