something old, something new

Well, maybe not that old, but my dresdens are certainly not so new anymore.
All six of them are quilted now, sort of following the seams around the dresden blades and with some more random quilted "blades" in the corners:

Now I have to cut and quilt 9 additional blocks, as I want the quilt to be approximately twin size and my dresden blocks are just 16"x16".
Here's the first of the "blanks", on the stack of quilted dresdens (in black and white for a change):

I'm using polyester batting now but I must admit that after trying out cotton batting in the hexagon quilt I find the effect a bit too puffy.

And as for something new, I wanted something I could sew by hand, and after discovering this tutorial I started this:

I'm not sure whether it will end up as a scarf or blocks in a scrappy quilt, but I'm enjoying making it.


  1. this is looking good. So you are doing quilt as you go...I must learn how to do that.

  2. I like the quilting on the dresden - very clever.

  3. Love the quilting on the dresdens! That is going to be a smashing quilt.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!