the binding of a quilt

One for the Lily's Quilts QAL quilt and one for the first quilt top I've ever finished (it's finally going to become a quilt):

Preparing binding is fun, I especially like to make it a bit scrappy.
And encouraged by Rachel's post on binding I made these two 2 1/4" wide. Having only tried 2,5" before I was a bit afraid this would feel too tight, but it's really nice actually.

So, one bound:

(rolled up for now, I'll try to get a decent photo and post it too, although you've seen it almost finished here)
and imitating a rather too puffy curtain ;)

One to go:
(I need to borrow someone's floor to baste it, though)


  1. Congratulations on reaching such a momentous moment!

  2. I think binding is one of my favourite parts - you know you are so close to finishing!

  3. I like the quietness of doing the binding, these are looking good.

  4. Exciting that they are nearly finished! I love binding quilts, my favourite part of the process!

  5. i have to be honest. binding... not my favorite part. some people just love it. me, not so much. i would rather piece piece piece!