sewing in general is cool, too

I know you know it already, but I'm just discovering the fun of sewing.
Thanks to Sara at Sew Sweetness I've found the tutorial for Rae's buttercup bag and:

made my first ever bag (for a birthday present, if the Birthday Girl likes it):

I've added a big zippered pocket instead of the small open one from the pattern and decided to use just buttons, without the fabric flap. I also wanted to make it a bit sturdier so I added cotton batting to the lining - not very professional probably, but I don't have any interfacing, not to mention that I'm still not quite sure what interfacing is ;)
Another thing I don't have is a magnetic snap, but a piece of fabric and a pair of little magnets works quite well, too.


  1. Lovely bag, and I'm even more impressed with your improvisation!

  2. What a nice bag! Generally interfacing is a kind of fabric used to stabilize or stiffen the piece. So batting works fine if you want a bit of quilty puffiness too or if you want thickness. Interfacing can be iron-in or sew in and there are several different kinds, but frankly using any kind of lighter weight fabric (or heavier if that is what you want) can work instead of specific interfacing.

  3. oh, that is a wonderful bag. I'll have to check it out.

  4. A lovely dainty bag. Glad your friend liked it.

  5. What a lovely little bag!

  6. SO WONDERFUL! I love your bag with the linen and the buttons, it looks perfect! You did a really great job! :-) I also like that yours has a zipper in one side. I am not sure what supplies are available in Poland, but the fusible interfacings I use most often are made by Pellon. The fusible woven is called Shape-Flex, and the stiffest that I love using is called Peltex (very stiff, and also a little bit harder to sew with). I use fusible fleece sometimes, but it tends to make projects look squishy/wrinkly, so I usually use it for bag linings and handles.