"I ate'nt dead"

(as you could read on Granny Weatherwax's notice - sorry, I couldn't help myself)

I'm sorry I'm late with Christmas greetings but I hope you've had a wonderful Chistmas.

December is always quite hectic at work (and catching a bad cold doesn't help) so this was one of the reasons for my absence.The second one was much more pleasant - a secret Christmas project.
It was a close call but I managed to finish it just in time to put it under the Chistmas tree.
So let me show you my sister's Christmas quilt:

(fragment of the back - photo courtesy of my sister)

Actually the secret part was the timing - my sister expected this quilt in May or June. Seeing her joy when she received it now was one of the best Christmas presents I got.
As you can see my sister is a great fan of French General and the choice of fabric is mainly hers, I just helped to narrow it down a bit. She also took an active part in choosing the design, sending me links to quilts she liked and approving (or discarding) the layouts - it was fun. In the end it came out quite similar to these twin quilts by Bec of Chasing Cottons although the only part of the quilt I intentionally applied to my design was the pieced border.


  1. It's beautiful! I hope you sister loves it. All the best for the new year!

  2. Lovely quilt - I'm sure your sister was thrilled

  3. What a beautiful quilt! And wonderful that you got to see your sister's reaction when she opened it. Hope that the rest of your Christmas was equally as good and that you got something nice under the tree as well!

  4. Lovely quilt, and so good to see you back!! I was starting to worry! Glad you had a happy Christmas :-)

  5. It's beautiful! I hope you had a nice Christmas!