A big win and a small loss

... or how my last online order went.
When you order fabric online there's always a risk that the colours would differ much from what you see on the screen, so I was a bit anxious about the dots I ordered for binding of the twin baby quilts. Luckily they are all I hoped for - they look great with the quilts but also bring some variety as they are not identical to the quilt colours.
And they speak summer to me, look:
Originally, I thought about blue dots for the blue quilt and green dots for the green, but there wasn't enough blue in the shop, so I added the yellow and I'm very happy with it.

I also ordered some bobbins.
They were described as Singer, so I didn't look too closely at the photos. And when they arrived I discovered they were too big for my Singer, and also a bit differently shaped (the top and bottom holes are the same, while the bobbins I need should have the top hole smaller)
So, if you recognize them as something that would fit your sewing machine, I'll gladly send them to you.

This means that I still need some more bobbins, but I'm giving my sewing machine a bit of a rest anyway, to do some hand quilting:


  1. Fab dots.... ordering online is always a little hit & miss, innit. But its all added to stash ;-)

  2. The hand quilting is beautiful as are the dots! I hope you get the right bobbins soon.

  3. oh i love your hand quilting. i will be doing that most of the day today as well! xo