summer stitching

It's funny how in winter I waited for the summer hoping for long daylight hours for sewing, but now that summer is here I don't sew all that much. Still, there are a few finishes I want to show you.
First - the granny squares quilt:
It's 100% hand quilted. You can see a bit of quilting here.
The backing is solid soft yellow :
Now it's only waiting for the recipient to come home. I hope she will like it as much as I do.

Second - a quick gift for my friend's birthday: (I might or might not have finished it on the train.)

It was so great to watch my friend when she realized it wasn't from a shop :) I'm so happy she liked it.

And finally, something for my EPP:

Sarah hinted she might prepare a tutorial for EPP sewing kit and I'm looking forward to it, but in the meantime I found Amy had a great one, too. I had to put the scissors vertically, as they are bigger than Amy's, so I need to think up a way of preventing them from slipping out of the pouch.

As you can see I finally cut into my treasured (and only) piece of Heather Ross fabric. I love this cotton/linen blend, it's nice and soft and easy to work with.


  1. Great makes, love the quilt its gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the reminder.... Tho the one you've made looks really cool! (not sure mine would be all that better now...) Brilliant job on the granny, specially with all that hand stitching! Gorgeous :-)

  3. Lovely finishes. The subtle colours in your granny squares are inspired.

  4. oh i love everything you make tusen! srsly, love it all!

  5. I love the granny squares quilt! Your other projects are lovely too - I love that little purse.