the one with lots of brackets and a turtle

Apart from the standard piecing, results of which I cannot show you yet (although if you look closely at the photos below, you might be able to notice some pieces), I've managed to make a little gift for my godmother.
I generally prefer simple stitching but this flowery stitch looked so neat I had to try it out.

I used Anna's (of noodle-head.com) make-up pouch tutorial, with two small modification - I added zip end covers (a trick I learnt from Florence's tutorial) and an inside pocket/divider.
I didn't have any heavy weight interfacing that could make the pocket less flimsy, but my clever sister gave me a plastic mat (see the big pink flowers below) and it worked perfectly.

It was thin enough to cut easily, stiff enough to serve its purpose and flexible enough to survive the operation of turning the fabric right side out after sewing.
I think a couple more mats like this might be my birthday wish.

And before I leave for a short holiday in my home town in the mountains, I wanted to show you why my lovely new machine makes us laugh:

(look, it even has an eye and a mouth)


  1. It looks such fun! The flower stitch is really pretty on your lovely purse.

  2. Your sewing machine sewed a turtle? Wow, that is so fun. I love the little pouch and the mat idea is really good. Have a lovely time in the mountains.

  3. I love the turtle!! Gorgeous wee zippy too :-)

  4. Haha! Very nice! Do you know I have never tried any of the fany stitches? You've encouraged me to give them a try! Have a fun/relaxing break!

  5. That was supposed to say fancy....

  6. Beautiful little pouch! I love the little turtle!

  7. I love experimenting with the different stitches, but I don't have a cool turtle!
    Have a nice holiday - we are off to our home in England for a week too!