when to sew

...if you have a busy week at work and no time in the evening?
In my case the answer is on the train.
Unless you can't find a place to sit or you fall asleep before you even take the sewing kit out. 
Anyway, the train rides this week have been sponsored by the letter k:

I have a plan and although I can't share it yet, I can tell you that it involves some more letters and this lot:

And I may be re-inventing the wheel, but since I want the letters to have random shapes and sizes and to be EPP friendly, I'm drafting them myself, so promise not to laugh to much at the final result.


  1. Looks interesting. Nice work for the train. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Your letter looks great. Good for you for drawing them ; )

  3. That is such a nice stack, I think it is a great train project.

  4. We won't laugh! I have to do some letter - EPP is a good idea, although I don't have a train ride to work.