creak... swoosh...swoosh...ekhe...ekhe

Ok, now that I've removed all the dust and cobwebs, I can show you a bit of what I've been up to.
First of all, I'm very happy I managed to finish the wedding quilt for my little sister (cousin, that is)in time. The only thing I did not managed was to take a decent photo of the quilt. Still, I can show you some quilt details.

the dark side
the dark side - after it's been washed
the light side
and the binding is scrappy

Also, these plans I hinted at in the previous post stopped being a secret, so let me present you the beginnings of a quilt for my husband:

I started with EPP letters but then tried some improv ones and (don't laugh at me too much) I love the feeling of freedom that goes with this sort of piecing, so I'm sewing most of them this way.

Can you guess what the full text will say? (I assure you it contains no swearing).


  1. Sorry, my mind is always in the gutter and I am stuck on the swearing idea now! Loving the look of the quilt for your cousin. Fab bits of fabric peaking out there!

  2. Keep Calm and Sing Off Key!!! Love it!

    1. Hehe, it would be a great one, too, but it's something different.

  3. Ohh I like this! Love the look of the wedding quilt too, that wavy quilting is gorgeous! Like Susan, surprise surprise, I can ONLY think of swear words....

  4. The details are lovely, I love your curvy quilting. I have no guess either but I think the letters are looking great.

  5. i love your letters. after doing paper piecing, free piecing can be so freeing and have such dynamic results.

  6. Your quilt will be awesome. I loved piecing my letters : )

  7. Your new quilt look lovely - I like the quilting. And I too can only think of rude words - sorry!

  8. oh my dear i love everything you make. i couldn't think of what it could be then i read susan's comment and laughed out loud! off key is a much better choice though! ;) xoxo