And now I can also show you...

...the gifts I managed to make just before Christmas Eve.  
(I'm not sure if all of you know that we get presents on Christmas Eve not on Christmas Day here in Poland). 

Both sides of the bag and the pouch for Mum:

I'm afraid you just have to believe me that the bag has a recessed zipper (my first one, but I used this great tutorial and it was quite easy). There also is a zippered pocket and a slip pocket inside, but the photos of the inside are just too awkward to show.

And the pillowcases made to match Grandma's quilt:

The bottom photo is just so you know what I used for the back.


  1. Love that bag and pouch you made for your mum. Hope you had a lovely family time.

  2. Lucky mum - it's a lovely bag and cushion covers and I totally believe you on the zipper ;-)

  3. Lovely :-) Do love the idea of making some matching pillowcases for a quilt :-)

  4. Such lovely presents. I hope you have had a wonderful holiday.