Catching up

If someone knows a method to slow time down a bit, I'd be grateful to learn it - it rushes much too quickly for me.
But as my Christmas gifts are almost ready (shh, they'll be ready by the end of the day today... especially if you keep your fingers crossed), I hope I can take a few moments to share what I've been up to.
Let's start with big luck and small things:

The December edition of the Giveway Day proved very lucky for me - won two prizes.
I can already show you the first one, from Rhonda:

It's the Gap Rainbow bundle Rhonda created for Cindy's (Fluffy Sheep Quilting) contest and it's a such a lovely, lively combination. And an additional prize is that apart from jade it's the first time I've seen these colours in person. Those of you who like me have to shop for fabric online only, will recognize the importance of this.

The second prize has not arrived yet, but is so lovely, too. I will blog about it when I get it, but in the meantime you can see it at Alison's here. Isn't it just perfect?

Apart from winning wonderful prizes I've also been busy sewing small things, like these:

and this red bunch:

The one in the middle is an owl, I assure you.


  1. Ooooh MORE SOFT KITTIES!! You wouldnt believe the compliments the one you made me gets, everyone that sees it just loves it. :-)

  2. Loving the pouches, and those kitties and the owl. Gorgeous presents! And what a great win. Those colours are so vibrant. Can't wait to see what else you got.