let's finish something

Although I have lots of quilting plans for this year (including at least 4 bed-sized quilts), most are in the planning phase. Still, there are some not necessarily quilting WIPs it would be really great to finish this quarter.
Let me show you.
1. Brown-and-proud-of-it quilt for my godmother:
needs binding and some finishing touches. And I'm still thinking whether to quilt the border too, or leave it as a smooth frame.

2. No-longer-fashionable-medallion quilt for my friend:
this is a tough one as it still needs a bit more tweaks on the design and choosing the rest of fabric not to mention all the cutting and sewing.

3. Socks for my husband:

4. Denim skirt:
with two pairs of my old jeans. I unstitched the inside seams of the first pair, now I need to somehow insert the second pair in the middle.

5. Corduroy skirt:
my first attempt resulted in this ugly disaster, now I'd like to remake it into something I can actually wear. If you have any tips how I could do it...

Ok, let's link up with Katy and start sewing/knitting.
Finish Along 2014


  1. Good luck with getting those finished. I love the variety of projects you're working on :)

  2. I'm loving some of the names for these :oD Good luck!

  3. I love the wide variety of projects here. And the medallion looks like it will be brilliant.

  4. Czy ja dobrze widzę - dodałaś wypustkę przed wszyciem obramowania quiltu??? Szaleństwo! Cokolwiek to jest - wygląda bardzo profesjonalnie! :)
    No i genialne nazwy nadałaś projektom :)))))))

  5. I love the quilts, the brown one especially! I always found corduroy had a funny weight, you might like a skirt better with a heavy-ish linking to make it drape better.

  6. Hi - I found your site through a pin for your lovely pouch. Of course, I had to look at other posts, too! I have a quick question. For your medallion quilt, I know you sketched it. Do you know the name of the block for your inspiration in the middle. I love it. It reminds me of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Thanks for blogging and being an inspiration.