knitting {on the train}

As most of you know, I commute to work at least four days a week and my train journey takes slightly less than 50 minutes if everything goes well.
So if I catch the right train, i.e. if there is a seat available, preferably next to the window, I usually do something. And if I don't have any small sewing projects or a book I simply cannot put down, I knit.
(Sometimes I knit and read, but let's face it, this means I knit even slower than usual.)
This way I finally managed to finish the fingerless gloves for my friend (can you guess they're also another finish from my Q3 FAL list?)

They are made with soft alpaca yarn and I might just need ones too (still thinking about the colour though and in the meantime I'm knitting black ones which will also be a gift).

Now I just have to give these to my friend before it gets cold. 

1 comment:

  1. I like these - the colour is beautiful, and the alpaca will have them so soft and warm. A wonderful gift!