the last one...

...as in the last finish I managed to squeeze in before the end of the quarter, but also the last one from the list and the last one I would imagine I might finish in time.
Remember this ugly thing?

Well, I'm not saying it's perfect now, but definitely wearable:

I really should have taken notes because it was quite an improvisation and I can't remember now what exactly I did to save it. I certainly unstitched most of the seams, cut a bit from the sides, added the centre front piece, took out the elastic and added a zip at the back (probably made a new back altogether). It turned out a bit short so I didn't hem it, just zigzag stitched it and I quite like the slightly messy look.

So that's it. And to sum up all the Q3 makes against the list:
1. The quilt for my godfather - done
2. A hopefully-still-surprise quilt (well, not a surprise anymore but a wedding gift) - done

3. Mittens for my friend Malwinka - done

4. The denim skirt you've already seen - nope, I guess you'll be seeing it next quarter again
5. The medallion quilt for my friend - not much progress I'm afraid, just a few stitches and an idea for another round, but I'm still thinking
6. The corduroy skirt - done.

Now let's check your finishes. I haven't been around the blogs much lately, so I'm looking forward to finally catching up.
Finish Along 2014


  1. You done pretty well. I especially like that wedding gift quilt. Lovely.

  2. Your finishes are beautiful. I really need to make new fingerless gloves, yours are beautiful. And I adore that yellow and grey quilt, it is wonderful.