Fresh Sewing Day with Lily's Quilts

The Day has come (ok, came yesterday in fact), so let's celebrate Lynne's blogaversary with:
Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts

March has been especially good for me quilt-wise so it's really tough to choose just one thing that made me happy. I hope it's OK, to tell you about three things:

1. I've finished the top of Hexagon Park - a beautiful quilt designed by none other than Lynne of Lily's Quilts
(here is the top sitting on my chair, waiting for some backing - hopefully to be stitched this weekend)

2. I've actually finished (as in stiched, quilted and bound) my first ever quilt and although it's a bit wonky I love it for a number reasons including the fact that:
- I got the lovely, joyful fabrics from Danielle,
- I thought up the pattern myself and even used some curved piecing for the blocks,
- I just got the news that my friend's little daughter, who got the quilt, enjoys it quite a lot :)

3. I've joined my first ever quilt along (check out the button on the right) and met a great bunch of quilters who are not only very helpful but also have the most hilarious sense of humour :)

P.S. I'm not so sure now, as I didn't note it down at the time, but I think I used this tutorial for curved piecing.


  1. I love that hexagon quilt!

  2. Wow, your curved piecing is immaculate. Do you press your seams open? They look so perfect.

  3. Beautiful! I haven't been game (not to mention haven't had time!) to try the curved piecing yet!

  4. I'm working on Hexagon Park, too. Love the pattern. I'm curious, why the Polish on your site? I am Polish American and always looking to connect with a fellow Polish person.

  5. I have seen quite a few hexagon park quilts, and have resisted having a go ... But I think yours may have persuaded me tobhave a go - it's lovely! Congrats on the extra blocks from DL&M!!