some progress

I listened to the wise and did not try to piece the inner circles (they are just a bit too small for that) but tried raw edge applique (I think ;).

But, as I was eager to try Lynne's method, I used it for my first outer circle (you can see it on the left). I'm not sure this is how it is supposed to be done, but it works ;)

And I managed to finish the back of my pure hexagon park quilt, here's the pieced bit:

Now I'm waiting for the batting - it's the first time I'll be using cotton batting (I've been lucky - one shop here in Poland has decided to try it out.)


  1. Those little circles are turning out to be so cute! I like the cotton batting the best, I hope you like it too.

  2. This is looking so great. Cotton batting is my favorite, too.

  3. I struggle to buy cotton batting in Czech too. When I ask in the shop, what it is made from, I just get a shrub of the shoulders!
    The circles look great