sashing and pin curving

My dresdens are proving to be much more pretty with the sashing, don't you think?
As the blocks are much smaller than the original ones, one WOF strip was almost enough for the outer sashing, so instead of sewing them into one long ribbon, I added one or two small pieces of the java fabric to make them long enough.
As you might have guessed, my inspiration came from Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle's dresden.

I've also managed to pin baste my hexagon park quilt finally.
I don't have a place big enough to do it in my flat, so I ended up in a certain kitchen across the street :) (it was a bit too tricky to do it in their living room, because of the carpet)
For the first few long minutes I was afraid I found the one stage of quilting I didn't like. Then I discovered that it was very easy to bend the safety pins a little, to make them slightly curved and it got surprisingly easier and more pleasurable.
So, it's quilting time - wish me luck, as it's my first big quilt.


  1. The Dresdens are looking great - love the java in the border.
    Good luck with the quilting. Deep breath and go for it!

  2. Did you know you can buy curved safety pins? They are not that expensive either. When I first started I didn't want to spend the money on them but boy was I wrong. They are well worth every penny. Just an FYI

  3. Dresdens look great! Good look with the quilting!

  4. Ooh they're looking fabulous Agnieszka, I love the sashing. Good luck with the hexgon quilting!

  5. Good luck with the quilting! I find the basting the hardest bit to be honest, like you I have no where big enough, no table, no floorspace, I do it on the mattress! Ooops, perhaps I should've re-phrased that....

  6. This is looking so great.
    I do not like the quilting part of making quilts. You are brave to take this on. I just suck it up and pay someone to quilt for me because I really enjoy piecing but quilting large quilts makes me crazy. Looking forward to seeing your completed Hexagon Park. Mine is ready for sashing and then borders.

  7. Your java dresdens are wonderful. I agree, they all look even better with the skinny borders on. Quilting with the sewing machine is really great fun, I hope you like it!