Block 5 for the Skill Builder Sampler has been quite a challenge, but from a very different reason than I'd anticipated.
While the block itself is lovely, complex but not scary at all, my machine decided to act weird. The thread kept snagging and breaking, ending up under the bobbin case, the fabric kept getting "swallowed"...
I changed the thread, then the needle, then removed some accumulated lint (there wasn't that much at all), then poked around the bobbin case in a fruitless attempt to discover the problem, then started sewing again and... miraculously it returned to normal.


  1. Oh I hate it when the machine suddenly decides to swallow the ends of your fabric, most annoying! Lovely block, very pointy!

  2. It was worth the frustration, the block looks perfect!

  3. These sewing machines can certainly be very trying at times! Glad it sorted itself out though, the block looks lovely. :)

  4. I have just walked away from mine as it decided to knot itself up behind the fabric, for no reason. Hopefully it will right itself like yours!

    That block looks pretty good though

  5. i find that sometimes a little oil makes life much much better for my machine. i hate it when that happens though. i LOVE the block! it is perfect. i love that about quilting. i love when all of my points are perfect!
    and on another note... i love that since i have had my new machine i haven't had any problems like that. after the headache i had with my old machine i feel like i have earned the no headaches. ;) very very pretty block. can't wait to see more.

  6. I love this block too! I often find that rethreading and cleaning everything fixes all sorts of sewing machine weirdness even if there is no problem of note found.