Skill Builder Sampler - catching up

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So, I'm in and I'm very happy about it. As you will see below, I do need to practice acurate cutting and piecing and Leila's Skill Builder Sampler is a fun way to do it.
I started with block 1 yesterday evening:
But it seems that I like complicating things, so today I made it once again, slightly smaller. With the help of some maths from this post I decided on 9" finished blocks in the hope of avoiding the weirdest fractions and dealing only with the quite friendly ones. We'll see if it works.
In the meantime let me show you my 3 finished blocks, 4th in progress and some sketches of the bonus one.
(I may sew them again at some point, as they're very far from perfect, but they're good enough for now)


  1. They look great to me! I also like the way you're mixing the blues and oranges. Very nice!

  2. These are lovely, the orange and blue go so nicely together.