another beginning

Do you know this kind of days when you don't really feel like finishing even the most exciting WIPs?
It's been this kind of day for me today.
So instead of shortening my WIP list (and I assure you I'm really excited about every single project on the list) I've just made it longer with this:

This is going to be my version of Film in the Fridge kites in the clouds quilt (actually more similar to Teaginny's wonky kites).
Ashley from FITF posted a great tutorial on making the blocks here, but I made them more like you make flying geese, so that I could use the grey corners too:

Yes, they are mainly "kites" not squares but unless I change my mind I'd like to use them without trimming them down.
The little "kites" and the 12 blocks are how far I could go with just one yard of grey fabric (Kona Coal actually), more needs to be ordered as soon as possible.

Note to self: learn how to take photos of grey fabric so that it looks grey.


  1. Ah well one more WIP can't hurt right? Especially not one so nice!

  2. you can never have enough wips. ever! i love the way this look Tusen! you should link up to celebrate color... you would totally win! http://www.stitchedincolor.com/p/celebrate-color.html

  3. I keep trying to shorten my list, but it never works. We obviously need variety!

  4. This looks lovely, the colours look so nice against the grey!

  5. I like this quilt. I want to do one myself