Winter stitching list

A bit too late to join, but still intended to have been a list for:
FairyFace Designs
I'm afraid my winter stitching list is just long enough for some of the projects to become summer stitching projects, still, here it is:
1. Finish the Australian quilt (actually I hope to be able to do it this week, keep your fingers crossed for me).
2. Sew my first ever skirt (just couldn't pass this sew-a-long).
2. Make lots of 241 totes as gifts my friends.
3. Make mugrug for Quokka Quilts Mug Rugs of the world - if I manage to think up something with a Polish theme.
4. Prepare more blocks for the wonky kites quilt (just waiting for more grey fabric to arrive) and of course make the quilt.
5. Make the red/pink/brown diamonds picnic blanket/smaller quilt with the ex-hexies from Lynz.
6. Make a baby quilt for our friends' little boy (I think I've chosen the fabrics, hope they will become available soon).
7. Make a new quilt for my sister - this time with the fabrics she's chosen and the design we've chosen together ;)
8. Make a quilt for my little sister's wedding (she's my cousin really, but I hope she won't mind me calling her little sister ;)

(To be updated with some pictures)


  1. Yep you've enough to be keeping you busy there! My fingers are crossed for you! :)

  2. Um, did you just say wedding? Please email me!

  3. i need to make my list today! seriously! i have my fingers and toes crossed for you! can't wait to see that quilt finished!