I've looked at various pouch tutorials and then came up with a combination of them all to create something that would have a flap, boxed corners, lining, an inside pocket, and would be made using quilt-as-you-go method:
I still need to find a place selling magnetic snaps, so it's velcro in the meantime. Very crazy I know, but fun to make.

P.S. (Thank you Sarah and Diane) tutorial coming, not very soon, but quite soon, I hope.
P.P.S. Would you prefer a tutorial sooner but with drawings, or later but with photos?


  1. This bag is lovely. Clever you making it up yourself. I don't know if you've tried to get the magnetic clips on line? The one below is in Czech. Also, they have them in my local shop - if you let me know what size you want, I'll get you some.


  2. arrgh! you mean you're NOT going to tell us how you did it?! No fair!

  3. I love this bad and your fabric choices. How about a tutorial?

  4. ooooohhhh!!!!! i LOVE IT! can't wait for the tute!

  5. Very nice! And the ease of velcro appeals to me!