So I've sewn myself a skirt:

I still can hardly believe it, but actually it was quite easy with Anna's explanations and hints and photos:

Noodlehead Sew-a-long

As the fabric is thick flannel, it was a bit harder to gather the skirt and so my gathers are rather less then perfect but I don't mind.
I'm quite proud of the hidden zipper:

(not so proud of forgeting to match the pieces of the skirt back. I had a narrower piece of fabric and had to place the pattern pieces in a different way than indicated in the pattern, so I should have checked it)

Anyway, it enjoyed sewing the skirt and I've learned a lot and I want more.


  1. What a great job! You make me feel guilty. I have two patterns and two lots of fabric, but never seem to get around to it!

  2. It really is a cute skirt. I thought playing along too but couldn't get my hands on the pattern fast enough. There isn't a store locally that carries patterns. I will eventually give it a try. Great job!

  3. It is a wonderful skirt! It is a nice pattern with pockets, you should make some more.

  4. Lovely skirt! Well done, I really admire folk making their own clothes, and there's soooo much lovely fabric out there for clothes.... Amy Butler Corduroy!

  5. oh my gracious! i love it and i need to make one for myself. i really really do! good good job!