Today's WIPs and a sneak peek

I'm hoping for a long day with my autumn wonky kites and a circle of geese for Skill Builder Sampler:

As you can see I've just started pulling out scraps for the geese. I still have to decide whether to make them totally scrappy or in just three fabrics plus background.

As for the kites, with the help of my design...ehke... bed I decided on a layout, snapped a photo and stacked each column separately with a label on top. I hope I won't get lost in the middle of sewing all the blocks together, especially that I want to chain piece them.
Do you know any tricks on how to keep track of the layout?

And I'm leaving you with a sneak peek of something I finally made and will hopefully post on Monday :)


  1. Oooh I know what you mean, even when I think I'm following the layout i usually find I've done a whole row back to front or upside down... Good luck. That wee snoozing cutie... really looking forward to the full reveal :-)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day coming up, and a very cute sneaky peak. My problem with organizing the sewing is that I get interrupted and my stuff gets moved around before I get back to it. Photos help.

  3. i do the same thing you do and i just pray every second that i don't muck it up! can't wait to see what you have there!