Q1 FAL finishes - sampler quilt

Before I show you the second (and last) finish from my Q1 FAL list, I may have some explaining to do.

Do you remember that in the description for this project - the last item on the list -  I said how I couldn't see the blocks working together in a quilt and wanted to try making baby quilts with just 2-3 blocks in each?
Well, I changed my mind. Once I laid the blocks in two groups, they seemed somehow better, so two little quilts were planned, one 3x4 blocks and one 3x5 blocks.

Here is the longer one, just waiting to be washed:

As you might guess from the top photo, the other quilt already has the top and the backing finished. I might have managed to complete it too, but I've run out of batting.

Anyway I'm so happy that I've finally used the blocks. The result is quite nice, don't you think?

she can quilt


  1. I think the blocks look good together in one quilt. I do love the orange and blue combination - your version has a "soft" feel to it. Really nice.

  2. This quilt is just beautiful. Samplers are a bit of a challenge I think to see how they will work until they are actually pieced.

  3. Thats a lovely quilt, those blocks are great! So much skill on display there! :-)

  4. Hurray for another finish! It's wonderful.

  5. What a beautiful sampler quilt. I especially love your circle quilting!!!

  6. I love it and your quilting is lovely! But grrrr to running out of batting :(