Q1 FAL finishes

There is just time enough today to show you what I managed to do with my rather short list of projects to finish this quarter for
she can quilt

You can find my original list here and this is what came of it:

  1. The Soft Kitty quilt is done and in use.
  2. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to snap a photo of the whole quilt yet, so apart from the shot of it covering our bed
    let me show you a some more details:
    trying to show you a bit of the backing - it's basically the stamped map fabric with a double strip of big squares from the shirt fabrics
    hand quilted around the low contrast letters
  3. The wonky kites quilt - still as unfinished as it was, I'm afraid.
  4. Quilts from the Skill Builder Sampler blocks - one finished, photos coming in the next post.

So while you could view it as not much, I still think it's not too bad. And let's hope for some more sewing time next quarter.


  1. Lovely finish - there's so much work in those letters!

  2. I love this quilt, it is a wonderful finish. It is lovely to see all the detailed photographs.

  3. Lovely quilt this, looks so very cosy too!

  4. I love the quilt too and here's to Q2!

  5. It is such a cool quilt. Nice hand quilting too.