2014 catching up {the big finish}

I can safely say that quilting-wise the last quarter of 2014 was devoted to this one quilt. But I hope that we can equally safely say it was well worth it.
As always, the most important thing is that the recipient likes it (yay, I'm so happy). But I also really really enjoyed making it.

When the quilt top was ready I got this notion that hand quilting would really suit it, and I'm happy I stuck to it. There is something very relaxing in hand quilting.

For the back I chose a text that I knew my friend would laugh at and one that would bring back memories of our Swedish classes. And just to make it a bit more Swedish related (as the text is in Polish), the letters are based on the Sweden's official font.

I did plan the overall look, with the dark centre and white "petals" in the middle, and with dark "petals" on the edges, but I still wanted to keep it a bit random, so I didn't spend too much time on choosing fabric for each block. 

The binding is mainly in solid greys, with a bit of denim blue and a few plaid pieces.

So this is my biggest finish from the 4Q FAL list. Hope you like it, too. 


  1. Świetna robota! Piękny quilt w ekstra kolorystyce z perfekcyjnym pikowaniem :) No i ten napis na lewej stronie - bardzo pomysłowe!

  2. Piękny quilt! Widać, że kosztował sporo pracy (pikowanie ręczne?! wow!), ale efekt wart jest zachodu.

  3. I think this is my new favourite of anything you have made (except my cushion). I so love all aspects of it.

  4. Jest prześliczny i niesamowity :) Podziwiam za ręczne pikowanie, rzeczywiście pasuje do tego quiltu idealnie :)

  5. Your quilt is fabulous! I love how you played with the light and dark tones. I commend you for the hand quilting, it's beautifully done. Of all the Flowering Snowball I've seen so far, this is my favorite. Beautiful work!

  6. Odkąd zobaczyłam pierwsze bloki tego quiltu - czułam przez skórę, że mnie zachwyci. Nic, ale to nic się nie pomyliłam! Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem! Podoba mi się każdy detal - wybrana kolorystyka, złudzenie nachodzących na siebie kół, to jak ładnie "promienieje", ręczne pikowanie... wszystko! Absolutnie wszystko mnie oczarowało :)))

  7. So stunning and beautiful! Xxxx

  8. wow, that is a beautiful quilt! So much work in there too, I know how long those orange peels take!

  9. Don't know what is says but this is a beautiful quilt!