August sewing

Not much of it actually, although not as little as you could have deducted from the three meagre August posts.

So what I didn't show you in August is a wristlet (from a nice tutorial found here) and one finished quilt top (just a sneak peek for now I'm afraid). The blocks for Skill Builder Sampler you already know.
I hope it's not to late to link it to:
Fresh Sewing Day


  1. That quilt top looks great, lovely little wristlet too! I have concluded it is hard to get that much sewing done in August, I need the fall and winter weather to keep me indoors.

  2. your sampler blocks are looking lush, and the wristlet it real cute. Hope we get to see a bit more of the quilt soon!

  3. I do like that wristlet! might have to try me one of those, and I can't wait to see more of that quilt top - looks fabulous, as are the colours in your blocks! It looks like it was a pretty good month to me!

  4. More photos of the quilt please. Like the zipper pouch too. More than I managed in August!

  5. I love the browns in your quilt top. Look forward to seeing the end product. Erin

  6. I love the funky orange dot you've chosen for your skill builder sampler.

  7. I absolutely love the flying geese block! I never would have thought of doing the colour placement that way, and having the center turn out like a pinwheel. I MUST make some like this one, it's adorable! And I am in love with orange, and polka dots, so these blocks really float my boat.

    Daisy, from Lazy Daisy Quilts Podcast