Getting there

(i.e. update on my SBS blocks)
Although it looks like I'm a few block behind, the Ohio Star is actually ready:
 (I might have to make a better version, the top right corner makes me cringe ;))

And I've started "making" fabric for the Beacon Light:
And I've had a most wonderful surpise from my cousin, just look:
my very first real quilting ruler!
And don't you love the fabrics? I've been thinking about violet/purple and orange combination lately, there must be some telepathy in the air. Thank you so much, Jan.


  1. I love your Ohio Star and wouldn`t have noticed...once it`s quilted, will you? Aren`t quilting rulers great? I love mine too. In fact, all my supplies!

  2. You will soon wonder how you lived without a quilting ruler! Your block looks great. And the fabric is gorgeous!

  3. How have you survived without a quilting ruler! :)
    Great gifts and great blocks! :)

  4. how have you quilted without one! you are super woman!