Time for the wrap up - Summer Sewing

FairyFace Designs

Let's say my summer sewing plans did not go exactly as planned, but still it's been fun. 

Part 1 - As planned (according to the original and the mid-term modified plans that is):

1. Make some more wallets for gifts. 
2. Make a pouch for my sister.
3. Finish the Lily's Quilts QAL quilt.
4. Make chocolate, lime and orange (well, rather reddish) quilt for my sister-in-law.
5. Try paper piecing.
6. Back, quilt and bind the first quilt top I pieced last December and then put aside for times I would be more confident with quilting (and for the decision what to back it with)

Part 2 - Not exactly as planned:
1. Finish designing a quilt for these beauties (and at least start the cutting):

As you already know the green became lining for two bags (and there is still quite a lot left). 
Moreover, the blues and the orange found their perfect project in the Skill Builder Sampler blocks:

And the red/pink/brown is still waiting.
2. Find or design a pattern and sew a quilt from the Australian fabrics I got from my cousin - still no quilt, but the top is ready:

Part 3 - Totally not as planned: 
1. Make 2 pillows with the hexie pieces from Lynz or a picnic blanket - Still not done, but definitely it's going to be a blanket (unless I change my mind again).
2. I also have some plans which would involve combining quilting with my now somewhat neglected drawing, but I don't have any details for you yet - Still not done, waiting for winter, I'm afraid. 
3. Start making blocks from Civil War Quilts from various second-hand shirts  - I think I'll get back to it next year, for now I'm thinking about a different pattern to use for the second-hand shirts I've collected so far.

So, that's it. Could be better, but still not so bad, don't you think?


  1. Your sampler blocks are fab!! Also you mosaic of finished projects :-) thanks for linking up!

  2. I am afraid of these to do lists and then having to own up to where I am at. I think you are doing excellently!

  3. Your finished projects are quite pretty! Love the quilt,and the one in progress too.

  4. Wow, all so lovely, I especially like the pouch purses.