bags - my very third

Here it is - the 241 tote.
I'm sure you've seen a lot of them recently, but I just love the look of this bag, so I had to try, too.
Sewn from Anna's (Noodlehead) great pattern.
I'm stepping way outside my comfort zone with the colours of the flowery fabric, but I like the shape of the flowers very much.
As I didn't have any matching zippers I decided to go with the side pockets. However, I cannot imagine a bag with at least one "safe" pocket, so I added a flap and a velcro to the inside pocket.
Actually, the bag could almost be reversible, if you didn't mind the side pockets taking some space inside.


  1. Your bag is lovely. I am still too nervous of sewing tasks like that. One day I will get the courage! :-)

  2. It is fantastic! Love the fabrics you have used. I like that you can reverse it!

  3. Great bag - I must try this too.