Friday sewing

First of all, let me show you something I promised to sew for my friend:

It seems that phone cozies are a constant part of my sewing and I'm very happy about it, as each time I can try a slightly different variation. Here is an earlier dotted one I haven't shown you yet:

Secondly, the fabric for the borders, backing and binding for the wavy quilt finally arrived a few days ago, so yesterday was a perfect  day to learn how to sew borders with mitered corners. In my sister's quilt I cheated a bit, using scrappy HST instead. However, then the whole border was pieced from small rectangles.

(I'm still trying to capture the colours as they are but I'm afraid I've failed miserably again.)

And finally, I worked on my mini quilt for the Modern Mini Challenge (just a sneak peek for now:)

It was a very good day. How was yours?


  1. those mitre loos perfect - how did you learn

  2. Ooh you're doing a MMC? Bet its going to be fabulous, the sneak peak hints so...

  3. I love the quilting for your MMC - so perfect. Can`t wait to see th whole thing!

  4. Can't wait to see your mini challenge quilt. I bet it is fab!!

  5. The aqua quilt is going to be wonderful and I love the phone cozies. Can't wait to see your mini quilt, the quilting is wonderful.

  6. Love the dotty cover! can't wait to see more of the others!