a bit of everything (with lots of brackets, too)

I've just finished the not-so-secret quilt (although it still needs to be washed) but I'm afraid I can't show it to you yet.
In the meantime please take a look at my SBS blocks 25 (oops, it still needs some pressing):

and 26:

The star came out rather squat, but it's my first one and I like it anyway.

I also wanted to show you what I bought with the gift certificate to Contemporary Cloth I was lucky to win in Megan's giveaway some time ago:

I have to admit I didn't buy them with a specific project in mind but rather to have some more colours and use them as need arises. Can you imagine that it's the first time I've actually seen Kona Ash not in a photo? (Well, that's the case with the other colours too but you know, Kona Ash...)

And finally, I managed to choose the fabric for Tova sew-a-long.
I have just the right amount of this Echo print:

 and I was thinking about using it for the final version, but I also wanted something for a trial version.
I went to my local fabric shop with an idea of buying something cheap (and probably quite ugly, as unfortunately they rarely have something I like) but I found this:

Not my usual style (and I'm not into pink really), but surprisingly both the pattern and the colour combination appealed to me and the cotton was very nice, light and thin, and the price was just inside the limit I set for this, so I bought it. It also reminded me of something, so as I returned home I quickly checked and... look at this. Not identical obviously, but quite similar, don't you think?


  1. Lovely blocks, and beautiful stack of solids :-) I still havent seen Kona Ash for real... lol

  2. Like Sarah I still haven't seen real life Kona Ash lol! Great blocks and i look forward to seeing your Tova :)

  3. Love your stack of solids and such pretty blocks! I nearly bought some solids today but wimped out as I just couldn`t make my mind up.

  4. Wow, that is totally a liberty knock off! I love your star with the rebellious orange point and the solids are lovely.

  5. Love that wonky star with its one rogue point in that gorgeous orange!