quilting and rambling

I've just started quilting the not-so-secret quilt (I do hope it's still a secret to the person who's going to get it).
I couldn't decide whether to machine or hand quilt it so in the end I'm going to mix the two, doing most of the quilting by machine and adding some random hand stitched waves.
I'm more and more tempted to make a quilt which would be 100% hand quilted, but I'm afraid it will have to wait for a long term/no deadline project (or till I retire, which unfortunately won't happen for some 30 years yet).
I won't be able to show you the quilt for some time yet, but today I also finally managed to make a little something I've been meaning to make for quite some time:

- an almost Zakka style narrow pincushion.
I already have a lovely, scrappy plump pincushion I got from my cousin when I was just beginning to sew, and I constantly use it. However, I've noticed that when I piece big quilts I usually put my machine almost on the edge of the table and then I need something a bit narrower. Enter Zakka Style book with just the kind of narrow pincushion I wanted.
I have to admit Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge have also helped greatly in motivating me to finally make it. 
Of course I had to modify it a bit, so instead of rubber stamping it I just drew on it with my favourite Indian ink pen. And I just had to use a bit of French General selvage - they are so pretty. 
I quite like the result but I'm curious what you think.

And I'm linking it up to Amy's Challenge of course.

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  1. good job! i love this little pinnie. so cute, so simple. i love zakka. good job on finishing your one thing one week challenge! i have finished one and a half of the three things i set out to finish! i hope to finish my second this afternoon and then can finish the other this weekend. i feel very productive. ;)

  2. Really cute :-) I usually end up with the machine right at the edge of the table too... handy shape!

  3. It is really cute! I hope you find a quilt that you can make and then take all the time you want hand stitching it. If you put the binding on first, then you sit under it in the evenings when you want to cuddle and just stitch away taking as long as you like to be all done.

  4. Looks good! It's nice to throw in the small projects here and there to feel a sense of accomplishment.

  5. this is very cute. I love that you added the selvage! yeah for a finish!

  6. Such a cute pincushion! It looks like a mini pillow -- great details!

  7. Check my blog...there's something for you...

  8. Love the details in this little pincushion!!