no retreat

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself)
So, Fat Quarterly London Sewing Retreat is next weekend and although I'm not able to go this time, I'm so excited for those of you who are going.
And I hope I will be able to make it some other time.
(And I know you've "heard" it a few times in my comments and emails already, but just one more time, ok?)

In the meantime, I'm piecing a quilt for someone very special, who should have received one from me a long time ago. It's going to be a surprise, so I'm just going to tell you that it's not a coincidence that I'm using granny squares blocks (as seen at Jolene's, though with a different layout).

a rather creased peek

Also, encouraged by Tova Top success, I've made myself a tank dress. A bit more elegant tank top in dark khaki will follow, but I wanted this one as something comfortable to wear at home or to a nearby shop. I added in-seam pockets (I will link up the tutorial I used if I manage to find it again), but since I wanted to retain the French seams the finished pockets may be just a little bit strange. Still, they are good enough and big enough to hide my phone, keys and wallet, which is what I wanted.
I also played the match-the-pocket game with the little front pocket and discovered it to be surprisingly easy (although that didn't prevent me to prepare the pocket that would only match upside down and inside out on the first try).
And since I managed to take a tolerable photo of myself this time, I'm going to be brave and show it to you:


  1. Great dress! And your grannys are lookin fab too. Last time I'll say it - such a shame you wont be with us in person :-( Next time!!!

  2. Love the dress, and the photo of you. I cannot make clothes at all so very impressed. And we all do hope you can come to the retreat next year.

  3. Your dress turned out wonderfully, and pockets are always good I think. Nice photo, and I hope you come to the retreat next time and that I can save enough to come again. The granny squares are lovely, I have a guess but will keep it to myself.

  4. i love it so much! you look very lovely in it! xo

  5. I like the colours you've chosen for the grannies. I don't think I've ever made a quilt without some amount of yellow in it (for the warmth) so, of course, that's a perfect choice!

    It's a fine photo of you! I always enjoy seeing what bloggers look like because it humanizes them tremendously.