how not to

photograph a quilt:

I know it's creased too much and somehow looks much more crooked than in reality but I'd taken a quick photo just before my friend took the quilt to its new home and I really wanted to show it to you.
This is actually my first wavy quilt, but as you remember after finishing the top I put it aside to make the not-so-secret (i.e. wavy 2) quilt for my dad.

There is another quilt slowly coming together, but unfortunately you will have to wait till summer to see it. The top is done and as I'm planning this to be a reversible quilt, I really need to start cutting the fabrics for the back (or the other top, as it may be).

And finally, I've just finished a long-promised bag (yes, from Anna's 241 tote pattern again, it's such a pleasure to sew).

I hope the additional patch on one pocket only doesn't make it too weird, what do you think?


  1. Oh wow!! That quilt is sooooo beautiful! Seriously, I love it.

  2. I'm with Sarah - love the quilt!!

  3. I love that off patch...it makes it unique

  4. The quilt is beautiful - I would spend hours watching the little fishes swim by! I think the patch on the bage makes it quirky!

  5. I love love that quilt, also the one for your dad. And the bag is lovely, I like the extra patch.