on Thursday

An 8-year-old lovely lady got a little something for her special occasion, so now I can show it to you, too:

(sorry about the red cast, it was either this or a burned white patch, the sun was so strong)

I'm so happy she liked it, and it's great I was finally able to use the scrappy hexies from Lynz (I'm afraid it's been a bit over a year since I got them, but I always knew who would get something made with them).

I admit some points were kind of lost in action, I need more practice with these, but I enjoyed making this little quilt very much. I forgot to measure it, but it's most probably 40"x52"


  1. I love this quilt, and your quilting really added to it. I think the bit of red border is a wonderful final touch.

  2. I like it so much I just pinned it! Thanks!!

  3. So pretty and the size is deceptive - I thought it was a mini!

  4. your quilting is so beautiful! great job!