Tova adventures

Last weekend proved to be very sewing-friendly, so I finally managed to sew the Tova I planned as the final version.
But let's start with my trial version:

Apart from the placket, which is just a bit tricky, it sews really easy (please note this is the first ever top I've sewn and a second garment after the skirt, so I hope this sounds encouraging for other sewing newbies).
There are no cuffs, as I wanted to see how this would change the look of the Tova. It looks quite OK I think, also quite well with the sleeves folded up, but in the end I decided to stick to cuffs in the final version.
The other thing I bravely did was to adjust the pattern slightly, so that the top starts in one size and finishes in the next one, if you know what I mean. (I have a sitting job after all).
It fits and the cotton is nice and light, so although this flowery pattern and the colours are really not me, I'm going to wear it in summer.

And now for the final Echo Tova:

I just couldn't resist adding some of French general fabric to the inside of the collar and the cuffs. And as somehow not knowing how to sew makes me more brave than I am with the skills I learnt properly, I made the cuffs wider and split (I'm not sure if you call them that) and I also made splits on the sides of the Tova, to make it even more comfortable.

I have to say I'm really happy with it.
Of course I'm not brave enough to show you a proper photo of myself wearing it, but just to prove that it does fit me: 

In case you'd like to try sewing your own and could use a little help, Kerry has put up a page with a list of all the sew-a-long posts here.


  1. Well done. I am still frightened of making my own clothes. Maybe I will not be one day just like I am no longer frightened of zips!

  2. You made such a beautiful job I feel encouraged to have a go:-) Lovely with the French General linings.

  3. How lovely, I love the contrast on the cuffs and the little splits, what a great additions you made!

  4. The contrast fabric and the split hem and cuffs are really nice touches - it looks great!

  5. Love the contrast fabric, and the split hem is a great idea. It would make it even more comfortable!

  6. That top would be so useful where I live - I think I need to make one. I love both your versions - you have done a great job, and great to see a sneaky peek of you!

  7. Yours is so lovely! I love the changes you made with the Echo Tova especially that split hem sleeves, so brave of you! I have yet to find the courage to alter patterns, I usually follow them strictly because this fear I have of messing up is just too big lol...

  8. I love the contrast! Such a wonderful idea! They both look great :)

  9. look at you! great job! i still haven't even taped the pieces together yet! ;)

  10. These are wonderful, both of them.

  11. I really love the split cuffs! My first tova ended up super small, so I turned it into a dress/tunic for my 4yo. :)