winter knitting

It seems that for the last two months there's been more knitting than quilting here. If I was a fast knitter there would be heaps of new things to show you. As I'm not, I managed to finish one pair of socks for my husband:
(they even make a second finish from my FAL 2014 list)

and one pair of mitts for myself:

Both are from great (and free) ravelry patterns, so if you are a ravelry member, you can check them out here and here.

I also caved in and bought a book of knitting patterns:

Apart from Anne of Green Gables being one of my favourite childhood books, and apart from the lovely photos inside, the main reason I bought it is this sweater:
Do you think I'll be able to finish knitting my first cardigan by next winter?

In the meantime I'm knitting Gilbert's scarf (another lovely pattern from the book) for my brother-in-law:
Since this is my on-the-train knitting and since the winter is almost over, he might have to wait for it until next winter, too, although I do hope to finish it earlier than that.


  1. Oh I love those mittens. But I really don't need more unfinished knitting projects!

  2. I really love all of these projects and the cardigan would be so lovely to wear so I hope you make it too.