catching up - knitting time

Despite the silence on my blog I actually managed to have some more finishes this quarter, although I'm afraid the improv trees from the previous post are in only quilty finish.

Anyway, if you're still interested, here is the first knitting one in action:

It might not be too clear from the above photo, so maybe here:

Although I have to say I'm most comfortable with this kind of photos:
(* all photos in this post courtesy of my sis)
 So yes, I've knitted my first sweater! And contrary to my predictions (see item 6 on my Q2 FAL list) I finished it long before Christmas.

I think it was quite a beginner friendly pattern, knit top down and practically seamless, with no tricky stitches, just needing a bit of patience. Of course my fit could be better and the sleeves could be shorter (I should have followed the order of the pattern and made the collar before I started the sleeves - it's a bit tricky to judge the length of the sleeves if you start with them instead) but I love it anyway and I'm proudly linking it to:

Finish Along 2014


  1. It's a beautiful sweater! And such lovely photos too.

  2. Congrats! My mum has a habit of knitting me the most enormous jumpers and cardigans ever. I know I'm 7" taller than her, but I'm not quite at swinging through the trees arm length ;o)

  3. Clapping for your sweater finish. It's perfect.