Is it a pass?

Time to sum up my Q2 makes:

1. Euro siblings together quilt - done.

2. A quilt for my godfather - almost there, but it still needs binding and thread burying, so it's moving to the next quarter.

3. A potential skirt disaster - done, although it finished as a top not a skirt.

4. A denim skirt - not done, I haven't even touched it, maybe next quarter.

5. Gilbert's scarf  for my brother-in-law - done.

6. Anne's sweater for me - done.

7. In-fashion-again medallion quilt for my friend - not done, fortunately my friend is very patient.

8. Corduroy skirt - not done, I haven't touched it and I still have no clue how to make something wearable from it.

4 out of 8 - not brilliant, but better than Q1, so I'm quite happy.
Are you happy with your Q2 finishes, too?


  1. 4/8 is awesome! Yes I'm happy with my finishes ; )

  2. I love everything you make but the sprouts are my favorite