catching up - sewing time

My sewing hopes from the Q2 FAL list have been fulfilled in 1/3 only, and required a certain twist.
If you remember, I was going to finish a skirt, although I was afraid I wouldn't look good in it.
As it was half sewn already:
I kept trying it on, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't see myself wearing it even at home. The pattern, lovely as it is to sew, was completely not me in this fabric colour and weight, and I was beginning to feel I would just use the cotton for quilting, when inspiration struck.
So I measure things a bit, pulled out a certain pattern I used once already, pulled a bit more fabric so that the pattern pieces would fit and made a pieced:
 Wiksten tank top

I didn't have enough fabric to make bias tape for the armholes and the neck, so I lined it instead.
The lining part was fun, because I was sure there was a way to do it so that all the seams were hidden between the lining and the outer fabric, but despite watching and reading several tutorials, I just couldn't get my head around the trick. You can picture me doubled up with laughter after the fifth time I turned everything inside out through one opening only to get a strange one armed garment with half of the fabric hidden somewhere between the layers... I couldn't even get frustrated because it was so funny. In the end I gave up and just stitched the top seams normally.
Still it's finished and I even wear it to work (OK, with a cardi, it is cut a bit low).

I hope it still can be counted as a proper FAL finish, even if I started with a skirt and finished with a top, so I'm linking it to the Finish Along party.


  1. I love it and the story about the turning is funny. You will get it next time I bet.

  2. cute, and an excellent save! I'm always scratching my head when trying to figure out turning a lining!