new quarter - new list

So, what I'd like to finish this quarter? Let's see:

1. The quilt for my godfather, rolled over from Q2 - it only needs binding and thread burying.
I can't wait to see it finished, I'm quite proud of it even now.

2. A hopefully-still-surprise quilt - this I really need to finish as soon as possible. Both the top and the back are ready and I even have an idea about the quilting.

3. Mittens for my friend Malwinka

4. The denim skirt you've already seen - not a must, but it would be nice to finish it

5. The medallion quilt for my friend - even if I won't finish it this quarter I'd still like to work on it a bit, at least.

6. The corduroy skirt - more as a reminder than a real hope to finish, but I do hope to discover a way to make it wearable.

I'm sure there will be other projects in the meantime, I can already think of at least two more, but let's stop here, to make the list even partly realistic.
Of course this list is for:
Finish Along 2014


  1. I vote for sprouts to be finished, but they are all great projects.

  2. So many wonderful projects. The quilt for the Godfather looks awesome. Enjoy

  3. the sprouts is sooooofreakin cool, cant wait to see it done

  4. That first quilt is so cute! Love those little sprouts! It's sure to be adored by your godfather. Looking forward to seeing the "surprise" quilt! :-)

  5. I really like sprouts! Very pretty. Good luck on your list! :)

  6. Your sprouts quilt is one of my favorite quilts...ever. I live the whimsical yet simple design.

  7. Osobiście nie mogę się doczekać ukończenia przez Ciebie pracy EPP. To, co widzę teraz wygląda super. Podobają mi się szczególnie te małe trójkąciki, są takim idealnym detalem. Do zobaczenia niedługo:)